Bs'd. Thank you Brucha. We admire your courage to speak out for the truth. May The Almighty bless you and protect you and may He soon - in our days - end the evil of so-called pro choice groups. Warmest regards from Chana and Meir in Israel (member of Jewish Pro Life Foundation)

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Thank you, Brucha. What a ghastly business this is. I’m starting to appreciate the reasons for the intensity of the battle for hearts & minds here in the USA.

In the main, it appears a lesser controversy in Europe, where many nation’s laws are “pro choice-oriented”. In some other nations, the laws in this area are clearly “pro life-oriented” & women seeking abortion sometimes shuttle from the latter to the former.

My own position on this matter is evolving, something I never expected beyond the age of 60. I think there is a compromise position but I understand that is never going to be acceptable to some.

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