Dr. Offit has changed a lot. I befriended him years ago to help him see the truth. I have Interviewed him many times on Tough Love with Lynette and even got him to do one with my other friend and antivaxx Dr. Neuenschwander. Dr. Offit is not all we've been made to believe. I know for a fact he has a huge heart a ive seen it over the time its taken to become true friends. I probably know him better than most as we still talk weekly. I have held out hope he would start to see for years. "If you truly want to disarm your enemy try loving them." Lynette Marie Barron

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What you’re saying is fascinating. Maybe you can help with something potentially game changing. I’m in touch with Steve Kirsch, and Steve Kirsch really wants to get the Israeli safety data to Paul Offit. Could you help get it to him? Let me know how to contact you by emailing a reply to my article.

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He has alot of work to do to regain people's trust.

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Of course. But, anything is possible. Even if he has a ways to go, it's doesn't negate how far he's come. A lot of his books are against meds, outdated practices etc.

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It's remarkable to me how vaccine experts and public health officials are allowed to just stand in silence as evidence countering their claims piles up all around. I work in IT and last year we had to deal with the log4j exploit. It exploded into the media and there was hardly an IT group in the world that wasn't scrambling to identify what software suffered from this exploit and work up a plan for patching it asap. We don't stand silent with our hands over our ears, telling people to continue to use old versions of log4j because logging has generally been safe for decades and because we fear our reputations are at stake for having used log4j in the past. No, our reputations are at stake if we suffer a data breach because we failed to act! We are accountable for ongoing operational performance of IT systems. For some reason, public health officials are not accountable for anything, really. They cling to beliefs with religious like fervor.

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Well said!

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Did you see Brucha Weisberger's question?

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Is that a podcast? I had no idea he’d been interviewed. Would listen to what he’s got to say. We hear so much gaslighting, generally ( on msm) . & Prayers for dr offit ( for courage & protection)

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Offit has lied and covered up vaccine dangers for decades. I can't help but suspect that he is in some sort of self preservation mode right now. He knows everything is crumbling.

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Just look up the current Merriam Webster definition of an anti vaxxer. It’s clear that someone who is only skeptical of SOME is also an anti vaxxer.

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Dr. Bryam Bridle, an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph pointed out on his Substack earlier this year that yogurt meets the new definition of a vaccine, and so eating yogurt = vaccination. (https://viralimmunologist.substack.com/p/i-just-had-four-vaccine-doses)

Given Merriam-Webster's revised definition of what behavior makes one an "anti-vaxxer" that you and Igor have called attention to, it naturally follows that anyone who is offered yogurt and merely hesitates (let alone refuses) is, by definition, an anti-vaxxer.

When I do a search for "weird yogurt flavors" the first hit on Google (https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/10-of-the-most-insane-frozen-yogurt-flavors) lists these oddballs:

1. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

2. Black Sesame

3. Strawberry-Jalapeño

4. Sweet Corn

5. Avocado

6. Spicy Hot Chocolate

7. Maple Bacon Doughnut

8. Sriracha

9. Olive Oil

10. Taro

I consider myself fairly adventurous but I'd only be willing to ever even try six or seven of these, and only three without hesitation. So I am definitely an anti-vaxxer. (But, then again, I already have been since late 2020.)

If I offered any of these yogurt vaccines to my blue pilled friends, and they didn't enthusiastically accept, then they would be anti-vaxxers too. It seems like a straightforward method for growing our ranks! :-)

(And, in all seriousness, if they see the sleight of hand redefinition that enables them to be tarred with what they see as a pejorative, maybe they'll be slightly more open to hearing and understanding how the jabs are experimental gene therapies rather than traditional vaccines.)

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Chronic cognitive dissonance requires constant redefinitions that are never adhered to.

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Great article, thank you Brucha!

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Jan 16, 2023Liked by Brucha Weisberger

Fascinating alright. Got a feeling there are going to be many "Paul Come Lately's" coming up.

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Look at the Merriam Webster definition online. Perhaps it used to be different, but now, even distrust of 1 vax seems enough to earn the crown. I copy pasted part, see the final sentence:

Definition of anti-vaxxer

: a person who opposes the use of some or all vaccines, regulations mandating vaccination, or usually both

Anti-vaxxers, those who refuse to vaccinate, have been around for as long as vaccination.

— Tim Elliott

Some self-identified anti-vaxxers are vehemently against all vaccines. Some are skeptical of specific vaccines …

— Kelly McLaughlin and Yelena Dzhanova

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The vaccines don't work and they are killing people and maiming others. End of story.

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Too little way too late!

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I agree with Ang.

He's back peddling, like a lot of so called experts.

One reason could be that the Australian corporate government lied when they told doctors that they have immunity from causing injuries and death from administering this experimental gene therapy jab.

The 2nd reason has to do with one's religious beliefs, that's all I'll say on that.

I am an antivaxer. I always have been.

I trust the science NOT propaganda from corporations masquerading as governments, so called health experts, muti billionaires that have vested interest in politics, media, health care globally, not the WHO who is actually funded by the same people who are making millions from lying, maming & killing men, women & children for their own profit and sadistic behaviour.

The coercion, gaslighting, bullying, stand over tactics of the last 3 years is nothing short of evil personified.

All countries are following the same script, any fool with half a brain can join those dots.

This was never about protecting the masses, in fact quite the opposite.

Most know full well what is going on.

I will never consent so long as I am standing, on 2 feel.

I am sovereign, a living woman under Gods law. I am born in the image of God Almighty & I will fight to my death to die that way.

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