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The one thing which includes everything they are doing is the evil and nonsensical pseudo-scientific philosophy called Darwinism. Although you mention that the evil people are telling people that they are animals, you do not point out how extremely easy it is to see that life and especially human life, is intelligently created. Anyone who studies the living world with an open mind at any level can see this, as Rav Avigdor Miller ztz"l never stopped telling people.

We will win this war; the main challenge is to realize that it is a war and not to befriend the enemy.

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Honorable Allistair MacDonald, the British judge who issued the murder of Alta Fixsler based his ruling on American case law of Prince v. Massachusetts from 1946 which in turn was based on Jacobson v. Massachusetts from 1905, the infamous case allowing forced vaccinations, used today to push all the garbage. Jacobson was used in 1927 to push Buck v. Bell, to allow forced sterilization (cutting Fallopian tubes) of "imbeciles" and this case was lauded by Hitler and used as a defense in the Nuremberg trials.

Shalom Task Force (now using Jacobson to steal passports from innocent men) and JOWMA have joint classes where they openly promote premarital, as well as watching ---- online. They are funded by the DOJ and are used to help promote easy divorce, taking father figure out of the picture, and strongly encourage --- education against Torah values. They openly promote LGBT and feel that "abuse" is so "frequent" in our community because we don't have enough education on deplorable, abominable topics.

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Regarding your comment of “going slowly” and your content, this thread will confirm the accuracy of your writing.



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Hello .

I read everything and unfortunately it’s the evidence.

Evil is here . But it remains a solution to change everything and let God in the right place: bring a REAL a change in Israel. Begin in israel and after globally.

If you are interested by my proposition and you know a lot of people please send me a message

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With regards to treatments. You might want to look into the methods used by so-called scientists studying submicroscopic pathogens. You will find that these methods are in fact ridiculous.

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The Rainbow Swastika


Written 20 years ago. (Unfortunately, the researcher's email is no longer active.)

It turns out that Theosophy has had a peculiar obsession with the Jews. And it's all documented here.

It makes sense of what's happening today, not just with Jews but also with Christians.

Tellingly, Bailey claimed that none of her ideas were her own. She "channeled" them verbatim from a "spirit guide" who represents a "hierarchy of ascended masters" headed by Lucifer.


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You may appreciate this exposé. It’s long, and takes a little while to get going, but it’s extremely thorough and well-researched. It’s what opened my eyes to what we are really facing: the vast majority of our political leaders and cultural icons are Luciferians bent on destroying Christianity and with it, our way of life (not to mention radical population reduction). This has been decades, if not centuries in the making.


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