Because their parents didn’t notice the instruction to “FEAR NOT” written 365 times in the King James Bible and chose fear over faith. As a result, they lay their young in the glowing red arms of Moloch!

Detox. You say to “detoxify” as if a toxin had been introduced rather than a mechanical device clinically injected for the purpose of genetic modification of the human genome. The people who received injections which contained the payload of which, at least initially was 1 out of 3, are no longer Homo Sapiens Sapiens, no longer human. They are now Homo Borg Genesis, genetically modified organisms owned by the entity which holds the patent on the technology, no different from soy beans or corn!

Here is Dr. Mike Yeadon explaining what happened and what is next. Barreling down the line, headed right for us (the video from which the speech was transcribed is pinned in the first comment.) Understand, all you see happening is no surprise and no mistake.


You may think I am cold hearted but I wept for days each time these children were murdered. First the older kids then younger and younger were “approved for slaughter”! I cried so hard.

The term shouldn’t be ‘died suddenly’. ‘Finally died’ should be how these deaths are accounted. Pretending things are normal when elementary school nurse’s stations are now outfitted with defibrillators is simply delusional. Considering the antecovid society which ushered in this genocidal democide defies reason. Speaking of reason or reasonable, these people, who witnessed 100% of the test animals die in clinical trials and then introduced the same type material into humans are psychopathic mass murderers. To then see an infant shed it’s epithelium and continue to call for infants and toddlers to be injected can only be perpetrated by what I call evilsickfucktards. Reason does not apply. They enjoy seeing babies suffer and families destroyed by gullibility, grief, and guilt. The way to defeat them is to give those things up. Own it, own the mistake and then stop doing the same thing that got your children and grandbabies murdered by your own hand. These people killed their kids, they were tricked into it. There isn’t a reasonable response. RAGE! Only RAGE is an acceptable response.

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I am 100% with you.

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For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness & unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness. rom1:18

Surely the wickedness in earth is near Noah’s days. May El Shaddai move decisively to bring down the corrupt evil.

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I retweeted this, but only the headline comes up, not a picture. I think that tweet get more views if a picture comes up on a retweet. Just letting you know.

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Ty. Do you have suggestions how I could make that happen?

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