Yes! Pray people! It looks like we are in the Last Days. Satan may know his time is short. He is on a tear. The evil ones are in the middle of killing off as many people as they can. Pray.

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Shabbat Shalom Brucha

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An excerpt from The Concise Prepper Guide for Gog Umagog:

... Let's face it. No matter what you do, you're most likely doomed, especially if enough people set their sights on you.

But there is one other thing you can do to prepare.

14. Turn to God with sincerity and pray from the heart. Place your complete dependence on God to protect you from any and all threats. If you do this, you can almost entirely skip the previous steps.

This does not conflict with taking reasonable precautions against clear threats. By all means, don't leave your cupboards bare if you can afford to stock them. Don't wait until you run out of everything until you get more. Be intelligent and responsible. But don't go crazy. Don't go overboard. Don't make it an endless lifestyle of preparing for anything and everything. It's nothing more than a coping mechanism to give you the illusion of control when you really have none.

Seriously, do you really think you can prepare in material ways for what's coming? Do you really think you can outrun, outlast, and outsmart all those who seek to harm you, take your stuff, and make it impossible to survive with liberty?

Do you really think God will abandon everyone but those with the most food and resources?

So the best way to prepare for what is coming – really, the only way – is to realize from a deep place that you can't, and only God can save you. Then do whatever you can to get on God's good side to increase your chances.

This doesn't guarantee that you will be saved. We don't know when our time is or what God's plan is for any of us. But it's the only chance we have, and it's the only form of preparation that is guaranteed to benefit us no matter what happens.

That is enough. Rabbi Chananya Weissman https://chananyaweissman.com/article.php?id=314

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Prayer has gotten us where we are

When you count on outside sources to save you - you become impotent

That’s exactly what the powers of evil count on

Instead of praying maybe try thinking and acting

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I am a paid subscriber, every time I try to respond or comment I get told that my have to sign in. I am also trying to change my username to my email and I am not finding any way to do so. SUBSTACK has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE of any platform in existence. As much as I love your substack I am considering not renewing. I am having this problem on other stacks as well.

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