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Governments Hyping Fear Around Fake “Polio Spread” to Push Vax - WHY?

Governments Hyping Fear Around Fake “Polio Spread” to Push Vax - WHY?

They’re targeting my community for vax. Why are they SO motivated to get children vaxxed for vax’s sake? It’s not to keep them safe, because polio is NOT spreading. Biggest cause of polio IS the vax!


This ad truck was stationed in the parking lot of a kosher supermarket in Rockland County this week. (“Polio is spreading in Israel. Get immunized now.”)

The Health Department sent another ad truck with the same message through Long Island neighborhoods.

This was seen on a news station in NY/NJ.

WHY? Because ONE child in a town in Northern Israel has paralysis? Things do NOT add up.

These ads cost a lot of money. WHY are they so interested in pushing the polio shots on our kids? Seems weird and spooky to me.

A highly educated reader sent this to me after hearing my audio above:

They want their new formulations of polio Vax into kids:

Each dose (0.5 mL) of trivalent vaccine is formulated to contain 40 D antigen units of Type 1, 8 D antigen units of Type 2, and 32 D antigen units of Type 3 poliovirus. For each lot of IPOL vaccine, D-antigen content is determined in vitro using the D-antigen ELISA assay. IPOL vaccine is produced from vaccine concentrates diluted with M-199 medium. Also present are 0.5% of 2- phenoxyethanol and a maximum of 0.02% of formaldehyde per dose as preservatives. Neomycin, streptomycin, and polymyxin B are used in vaccine production; and, although purification procedures eliminate measurable amounts, less than 5 ng neomycin, 200 ng streptomycin, and 25 ng polymyxin B per dose may still be present. The residual calf bovine serum albumin is less than 50 ng/dose in the final vaccine.

M199 is from human embryos.

G-D please help us!

My sister in law LIVES in Tzfas, the town where the supposed “polio cases” are, and when she heard my audio, she told me that those kids who supposedly have polio are actually vaccinated kids. The government narrative unravels..

Someone who received my message wrote:

I gave the polio vaccine, because of the fear mongering, and my son got eczema a few days/ about a week later.

Not sure if there is a connection, but the timing is pretty coincidental.