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The TRUTH About Drag Queens, the Trans Agenda, and more: What the Torah Teaches Us

The TRUTH About Drag Queens, the Trans Agenda, and more: What the Torah Teaches Us

My response to the fallacious New York Times article. Let’s not be afraid to say it like it is.


I am grateful to Curtis Cost for asking me to speak on the forum he organized on Thursday night. This prompted me to gather some thoughts on the topic, and thank G-d, various insights came together, and my Rabbi provided very valuable input. Here is what I said. It is my prayer that these words help to restore sanity to the world, and sanctify G-d’s Name.

We are here tonight to warn about things so unquestionably evil that they should not even have to be discussed. Wicked, cruel people are abusing children, corrupting their minds, confusing them about their most basic identities, and setting them up for a lifetime of misery. And they are feigning innocence, disguising their evils with names such as “Drag Queen Story Hour” and “trans inclusivity.”

How did this horror start? When society forgets about their Creator and decides they can make up their own rules, the door is wide open for the absolute worst to become commonplace and acceptable.

The truth is, it’s much more than that. The cruel henchmen of this global scheme PURPOSELY take people away from G-d to make their wicked, horrible agenda happen. They are fighting a war against G-d and against everything that is good – against family, against marriage, really against human kindness and interaction, against the foundations of civilization.

Using the techniques for mass psychological manipulation and society change described as Overton’s Window, they make the previously revolting and unthinkable become accepted and admired.

The way to counter the evil is to go back to the beginning and understand the very basics of Who created us, who we are, and why we are here in this world – and then go and teach this to everyone you can.

G-d created the world 5,783 years ago. He made the world because He is infinitely good and kind, and loves to bestow goodness, and therefore wanted people to bestow the goodness onto.

In His wisdom, He gave us an instruction manual for life in His beautiful world, so that we may reap the benefits and not self-destruct.

We – humans – are not simply “another mammal.” We were created as the crown of G-d’s creation – as THINKING beings! But thought requires logic, and this requires a Divine framework of rules and understanding; otherwise it descends into fallacy and gibberish. G-d, in His mercy, gave us not only the innate intelligence, but also the guidelines, to differentiate Good from Evil.

The fantasy that we’ll be happier if we can be free to do anything that strikes our fancy is a grave misconception. Not only does society crumble at its foundations as people become detached from morality, but individuals become depressed and even suicidal. G-d created us to crave direction. We need to know clearly the things that are right and wrong, good and evil. Contrary to what many think, THAT is how we become free people. And we need to know our purpose in this world. Rob us of all that, rob us of G-d and the knowledge of why He put us in the world and what He wants us to accomplish, and you get crime, drugs, suicide, broken families, and a broken society spinning out of control, that no amount of laws or enforcement, or mood-changing drugs can fix.

And then you have the wicked, awful people who planned all this, who step in to take control of the unmoored, confused, lost masses. They offer their fake religions instead of G-d – the religion of climate change; the religion of “Science,” of covidism, and the religion of LGBTQ and trans, and their pronouns. All of these come with lots of rules! They’re really one religion, actually – one big rebellion against the Creator of the world, as they pretend that, G-d forbid, they are wiser than Him.

Their rules may perhaps SEEM kind on the surface, to those who don’t understand them, but in reality they are so, so, so cruel. This “religion” is simply a fight against G-d…’s eugenics on steroids. G-d said, a man and a woman should marry, have children, be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth. Do not kill – that means also, don’t kill unborn babies. Don’t kill the elderly. Don’t steal. Set up courts for JUSTICE. Don’t commit adultery. A man should not lie with a man; it is an abomination. That is in Leviticus 18:22. It could not be more clear than that. In fact, the Torah even says that a man may not wear women’s clothes or use women’s accessories, and vice-versa, and whoever does these things is an abomination unto G-d! That is in Deuteronomy 22:5. This is in order to protect against exactly the kind of horrific person- and society-destroying activities that we are talking about tonight.

Few people realize that the entire world, save Noah and his family in the Ark, was destroyed specifically because society had legalized immoral marriages. The Torah tells us that they were writing marriage contracts between man-and-man and between man-and-beast. This knowledge was passed down to us, obviously, so that we may avoid repeating this grievous sin. But now, here we are again.

It is not only destruction from Heaven that we have to fear. Every society in history that has embraced homosexuality, such as ancient Greece, has self-destructed.

Let’s talk about the actual gender confusion that flows out of this, and that is now being promoted to children.

G-d knew this wickedness would happen, and He addressed it in the Torah, which He gave us over 3,300 years ago. He tells us in Genesis 1:27 “And G-d created man in His image, in the image of G-d He created him, male and female He created them.” There are TWO, and ONLY two, genders. Anyone who says otherwise is simply distorting reality.

And the Creator of the world does not make mistakes. When He makes a man, it is a man. When He creates a woman, she is a woman. If the person has a mental illness, due to trauma, abuse, or hormonal or chemical poisoning, which causes him or her to be unhappy with how G-d created them, or to have a fantasy that they are something else, we need to treat them for their mental and/or physical problem.

If the individual believed that he or she was a cat, would we surgically implant fur?

If the disturbed adolescent fantasized that she were a bird, would we perform an operation to attach wings, and obligate everyone around her to use feathered pronouns?

The sheer LUNACY of what society is accepting now just begs a child to cry out “But the emperor has no clothes!” But few dare to say it, because those who do are mocked and destroyed. THE EVIL ONES WANT US TO LOSE TRUST IN OUR OWN MINDS, SO THAT WE WILL BE FAIR GAME FOR THEM TO CONTROL!

And the MORE the “trans” nonsense is accepted, the more we ALLOW them to PROMOTE it, the more children are caught up in the destruction, children who aren’t even ill, who are just jumping on the bandwagon because it’s a fad. And they’re getting their lives destroyed forever.

The “puberty blockers” are EXTREMELY dangerous drugs that are very likely to cause severe health problems, in addition to sterility. The surgeries are disfiguring, horrifying, and have a HUGE rate of long-term, ongoing complications. Many of them are also sterilizing, which, OF COURSE, is the whole POINT. This IS sterilization surgery, REPACKAGED! And the kids do NOT go on to have happily-ever-after lives. Rather, they have a huge rate of depression and suicide.

And this deadly gender confusion, plus much more, truly unimaginable evil, are exactly what the so-called Drag Queen Story Hours are meant to lead to.

And they want to trick us into thinking it’s nothing more than someone reading a story to kids.

I want to say something else that I don’t think many people realize. I believe that the cheapening of intimacy which the evil people behind the scenes have engineered over the past six decades or so, ultimately is meant to lead to a LACK of human intimacy, a cold and cruel and robotic-type world, where people lead sad and lonely lives. They’re doing everything they can to make couples NOT desire each other, make people not want to get married, not want to procreate.

Let’s join together as a society to take back control of our minds, our thought processes! Let’s get back to our Creator, back to basic morality, back to LOGIC! Teach your children that when we use our minds and TRUST our observations, the wicked people cannot control us.

May G-d give us the strength to fight back against the destruction of society, and may we merit to see the world return to its Creator, and to peace.


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